Camping in Ethiopia is almost the only way to visit the most beautiful, undeveloped, and un-spoilt areas of the country. Some recognized campsites are provided in National Parks and other popular tourist areas, but finding somewhere to camp is seldom a problem. One word of caution: verves monkeys and baboons are fond of picnics and will enter any open car or tent in a flash!

In the national parks and most highland area, campers may pitch a tent, climb in and enjoy a good night’s sleep, untroubled by worries of unwelcome visitors.

In true Ethiopian safari style, breakfast is cooked in the open, under the pale morning sun, while lunch is served under the shade of the camp’s magnificent trees. Days are spent stalking the game from the ground in a four wheel drive vehicle. Nights are spent- like on so many safaris gone before- around the campfire; its flickering flames eliciting tales of adventure and romance.

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