Ethiopia, the land of Great long Distance Runner!
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Ethiopia is a country of great long distance runners. It was Abebe Bikila that showed the world that an African can be an Olympic champion running barefoot through the street of Rome in 1960. He doubled the marathons gold medal four years later in Tokyo Olympic.

Abebe Bikila’s successor, Mamo Wolde, again won the marathon title in Mexico Olympic in 1968. Ethiopia’s Olympic victory had interrupted for twelve years until Mirutse Yiftr, nicknamed Yifter the gear shifter, won double Olympic gold medals in 5000 and 10,000 meters in Moscow Olympic in 1980. Since then, Ethiopians began to dominate the men’s long distance race around the world.

The conquest of the women’s side in long distance running began in 1992, when Derartu Tulu becomes the first African to win the Olympic title in Barcelona. Giving birth to a baby did not stop Derartu Tulu from winning another Olympic title. She won the 10000 meters Olympic gold medal in Sydney with a breathtaking last lap of 60.26 seconds, setting a new Olympic world record. Fatuma Roba followed with a marathon gold medal in Atlanta Olympic.

The early 1990s have witnessed the birth of a new rising star in the field of long distance running, the great Haile Gebrelselassie and Kenenisa Bekele.

Haile Gebreselassie is arguably the greatest athlete of all time. His double Olympic victories in 10,000 meters, four successive world championship titles spanning eight years and seventeen world records are some of the proofs of this.

Haile Gebreselassie is linking Ethiopian’s outstanding performance in long distance running with the country’s climate and living conditions. He said, “Places situated in about 2000 meters above sea level are very ideal for long distance runners to live in and train.

Kenenisa Bekele is an Ethiopian long distance runner, who holds the world record and Olympic record in both the 5000 meters and 10,000 meters events. He is the reigning Olympic champion over 5000 meters and two times champion over 10,000 meters and the most accomplished runner in IAAF World Cross Country Championships history, with six long (12K) course and five short (4K) course titles. Kenenisa was unbeaten over 10,000 meters from 2003 until his first loss in 2011, and with his vast array of medals, many consider him to be one of the greatest distance runners of all time. Kenenisa was born in 1982 at Bekoji, in the Oromia region of Ethiopia, the same town as the Tirunesh Dibaba, and her cousin Derartu Tulu.

Kenenisa finally returned to training from a knee injury in March 2011. Having not raced on the track since 2009, Kenenisa returned for the World Championships. But Kenenisa dropped out of the 10,000m after 10 laps. Kenenisa decided not to run the 5,000m. Kenenisa returned in Brussels at the Diamond league meeting to set the fastest time for the 10,000 meters in 2011.

Million Wolde (born March 17, 1979) is also a famous Ethiopian athlete, winner of the 5000 meters at the 2000 summer Olympics. At the of only 18, Million Wolde competed in the 1998 World Junior Championships in Annecy, France, he won the 5000m. At the next World junior Championships, at Annecy, France in 1998, he won the 5000m.

He also won the bronze medal in the 3000m at the World Indoor championships at Maebashi in 1999. The highlight of Million’s career came in the 5000m at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, when he was still just twenty two. With no one prepared to set a decent pace, Million bided his time and then sprinted past the leaders with 200m remaining to win the Gold medal in 13:35:49. At the next World Championships in Edmenton, Canada, Million won a Silver medal in 5000m. Injuries hampered his career during recent years.

Geti Wami, Birhanie Adere, Meseret Defar, Tirunesh dibaba are one of the world’s greatest middle and long distance runners that won the gold medals in Olympics championships.

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