Trekking in Ethiopia does not involve being super fit. Horses, mules and also donkeys are universal means of transport. So horse trekking has been a natural development. The terrain is usually steep for only short periods, when walking rather than riding may be necessary. The principal well established areas for trekking are the Semien and Bale Mountains National Parks. In Bale Park, trips can be tailored to meet all individuals’ needs. Here under we point out the areas where Addis Tour Company organizes trekking activities:\

1. Semein Mountains National Park
2. Bale Mountain National Park
3. Surma people surroundings (also Dizi, Tishena, Zilmanso, Bume people and Omo Park)
4. The Danakil Depression and Afar people region
5. Semien Mountains National Park- Sequota- Lalibela (admiring unique view and rock-hewn churches)
6. Lalibela and its External Churches (as Felakit- Debre Aron-Lalibela, or other)
7. Meqdela (it is a place where Emperor Tewodros grave yard and its Sebastopol cannon kept)
8. Semien Mountains- Debre Yared- Aderkai
9. Tigray Rock-hewn churches
10. Bethlehem church (Gondar)
11. Addis Zemen- Wohni Amba
12. Selekleka- Meskel Kibra Monastery
13. Zariema- Waldiba monastery
14. Debre Abay- Waldiba
15. Mount Chilalo
16. Mount Zuquala (Near Addis Ababa)
17. Mount Kaka
NB: By the above Trekking areas a Lot of Tour program can be arranged for Tourist with trekking interests.

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