The Keal is an annual ceremony in June or July fixed by the Komoro (traditional Leader). Men feed on blood and milk for 4 to 6 months. On this day cattle are killed with a stone and elders see the abdominal fat to forecast the coming year, if the forecast is not good other cattle have to be killed till it becomes good. If it is good the Komoro has to smear the blood with something called Aton (which is made from Ivory). Every participant of this fatness show wants to be a winner of the year, and they will be well kept and well fed by their parents. If one of to win the exhibition, he and his family will be considered as a rich family; rich in cattle. Every step of feeding, and the process is known as Lowa Dongagn. At this time of Pongnar (fatness show) every member of the ceremony performs traditional music called Hie-Ababa. These fat men have to pass in front of the Komoro and elders to show how fat they are. The fathers of the very fat men are proud of their sons. This is followed by a feast and youngsters and girls perform a very special dance called Haret.

The significance of this ceremony is to strengthen the unity and social relation within the society. The winner of this fatness show will be considered as a hero of the year and he becomes famous and a respected person because it shows his wealth. They consider the time or season as the beginning of the New Year calendar.

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