Year of Establishment: 1974 G.C
Area: 5061
Found: in Gambella region 777 km away from Addis Ababa

Key species: the park contains 41 species many representative of neighbouring Sudan and not found else where in Ethiopia, Such as Nile lechwe and the white-eared kob, the latter migrating in large numbers. Roan Antelope, Topi, Elpephant, Buffalo, Lelwel hartebeest, Lion and Giraffe are also present. There are also 154 bird species. Such as the Whale-headed stork, an unusual large billed, tall bird has seen standing in the swamps.
Unique feature: largest wet land in the country including 4 big rivers.

General Description: The Baro River area, accessible by land or air through the western Ethiopian town of Gambela, remains a place of adventure and challenge. Traveling across the endless undulating plains of high Sudanese grass, visitors can enjoy a sense of achievement in just finding their way. This is Ethiopia’s true tropical zone and here is found all the elements of the African safari, enhanced by a distinctly Ethiopian flavor.
Visitor facilities: No development yet.

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