Irrecha is one of the intangible cultural heritages of the Oromo people. Once a year the Oromo people celebrate the Irecha around Lake Hora near Debre ziet. This takes place on the first Sunday after Maskal (September 28) and the ceremony centers on sacred trees, particularly around an ancient fig tree. Worshippers ask for favors, fertility, healthy and good fortune. In this celebration more than million people attended from all overcall Ethiopia. The Irrech celebration is related to the worship and thanks giving practice of the Oromo’s, to their God.

Led by the prominent figure in the community Abba Gadda, the participating communities carry bunches of lovely grasses and flowers in their hands- praise bless and prey to God (Waqaa). The participating women dress cultural dresses and carry Siiqee (Cultural women stick) and men dresses in cultural suits and carrying Aroresaa(Cultural men’s stick) heart fully sings the songs that glorify the power of God and the decoration of the season. Young people usually use the opportunity to select their girl mate and exchange gift.

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