The Konso people are famous by their terraced agricultural landscapes, remarkable feats of human engineering and social organization. Which enabling for the conservation of soil and water as well as the cultivation of food. Indigenous terraced landscapes are all the more valuable because they have been produced by the people themselves and maintained for several hundred years, evidencing a valuable degree of sustainability. Konso cultural landscape registered the 9th world heritage site of Ethiopia in 2011 world heritage session in Bahrain.

They have also a community system in their village where people live close together as other African village and densely populated area in the country. There is also a wooden statue called Waka that erected on the burial for the konso warrior which has a cultural and traditional value in Konso people and also the Generational pole erected in communal place in the village called Mora.

When a hero or important man has died, waga figure are carved in his honor. They are placed in and around the fields, and not necessarily where the man has been buried. The deceased is usually represented in the center of the waga group and flanked by his wife. On the outside stand any enemies he may have killed, carved in an abstract and phallic fashion. Fierce animals he has slain, such as leopard, lion or a crocodile, will also be depicted and placed at his feet. In front of the central figure, representing the deceased is his shield on his forehead a phallic symbol is carved.

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