The Epiphany, or Visit of the Three Magi, is celebrated on 19 January. Celebration began on the eve of the holiday, a day fasting ‘Ketera’, when the priests bearing their Tabot (Replica of the Ark of the Covenant) and church paraphernalia, went down to a river, spring or pool for a mass baptism which commemorate the Baptism of Christ.

Feasting began that day at sun-set, the whole ensuring night was spent in alternate prayer, hymn singing, and religious dancing , after which , before sunrise the sacrament was administered, through many of the priests. The chief priest then raised his hands over the water and blessed it, whereupon the people would push themselves into bathe. The great men and priests, however, did not immerse themselves, but were instead sprinkled the water to obligate the necessity. At the conclusion of the ceremony the women and deacons danced and sang. While the men engaged in various sports, including ‘Guks’or traditional Ethiopian hockey and it is possible for young men to find their future brides at these festivities. On the following day which was dedicated to the Arch angel St Mikael there were further church ceremonies, as well as much feasting in which the priest were always “well fed by their devout parishioners”.
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