Package ID: 1023
Duration: 37 days & 36 nights / by Surface & flight
Destination: North, East, South, & West
Departure time: Morning

Day-1- Arrive in Addis Ababa in the morning, and in the afternoon city tour. O/n Addis Ababa

Day-2- fly to Bahar Dar, Boat trip and Blue Nile Falls. O/n in Bahar Dar.
Day 3- Morning Drive from Bahar Dar to Gondar with a nice view of the land scape. O/n Gondar in a chosen hotel.
Day-4- In the morning, drive to Semien Mountain Park. O/n Gondar.
Day-5- Fly to Axum; Whole day sightseeing of the stele field. O/n Axum in a chosen hotel.
Day-6- Fly to the 8th wonderer of the world Lalibella. Whole day visit of the 12th C rock-hewn churches. O/n in Lalibella.
Day 7- Fly back to Addis and Continue fly to Dire Dawa. O/n Harar in Belayneh hotel.
Day-8- Harar city tour. On in Harar.
Day-9- Drive from Harar to Awash NP. O/n Bilen lodge.
Day-10- In the morning, drive to Dinsho via Nazareth. O/n Dinsho lodge.
Day-11- Drive from Dinsho to Goba. O/n Goba Wasbishebele hotel.
Day-12- Excursion to Sof Omar cave. O/n Goba wabishebele hotel.
Day-13- Early drive to go to Awasa via Kofele. O/n Awasa in a chosen hotel.
Day-14- Early drive from Awasa to Arbaminch via Shashemene. O/n Arbaminch in a chosen hotel.
Day-15- Boat trip on lake Chamo and chencha village in the afternoon. O/n in Arbaminch.
Day-16- In the morning drive to Jinka. O/n Jinka in a chosen hotel or camping.
Day-17- Excursion to Mago and return back to Jinka for overnight. OR camping at Mago.
Day-18- Drive to Turmi. O/n Turmi camping.
Day-19- Excursion to Karo village. O/n Turmi camping.
Day 20- Proceed driving to Konso, which the tribes are well known by their terraced agriculture. O/n Konso in a hotel or camping.
Day-21- Drive Konso to Yabello. O/n Yabello camping or motel.
Day-22- Early in the morning, drive to Shashemene. O/n Shashemene in a chosen hotel.
Day-23- After breakfast, proceed driving to Weliso. O/n Weliso camping or Negash lodge.
Day-24- Drive to Hossana. O/n Hossana in a chosen hotel.
Day-25- In the morning drive from Hossana to Jimma. O/n Jimma in a chosen hotel.
Day-26- Early in the morning proceed driving to Bebeka. O/n Bebeka camping or hotel.
Day-27- Drive from Bebeka to Tum. O/n Tum camping.
Day-28- Drive from Tum to Surma. O/n Surma camping.
Day-29- Whole day in Surma. O/n Surma camping.
Day-30- Drive back to Tum. O/n Tum camping.
Day-31- Drive to Dimma (the big forest). O/n Dimma camping.
Day-32- Drive from Dimma to Tepi. O/n Tepi camping.
Day-33- Drive to Gambella. O/n Gambella in a chosen hotel.
Day-34- Drive from Gambella to Jikawo, Baro river and Anuak tribes. O/n camping.
Day-35- Drive to Itang at Baro river to see the Nuer tribes. O/n camping or local hotel.
Day-36- Drive back to Gambella. O/n Gambella in a chosen hotel.
Day-37- After breakfast, drive to Nekemete. O/n Nekemte. O/n Nekemte in a hotel.
Day-38- Drive to Wonchi lake via Ambo. O/n Negashi Lodge
Day-39- Back to Addis.
Day 40: time to relaxation depending on your return flight

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