Package ID: 1013
Duration: 5 Days
Season: January- December
Activities: Safari Tour
Customize: This package can be customized
Accommodation: Mixed (Hotel and Lodge)

The Rift Valley Lakes One of Africa’s most striking geographical features is a giant tear across the earth’s surface visible even from space: the Great Rift Valley. Ethiopia is one of the countries that the Great Rift Valley system passes through. The valley embraces the beautiful chains of lakes with abundant wild life and variety of birds. The rift valley comprises of the country’s famous natural parks known as Abijatta- Shalla, Nechisar; Mago and Omo National Parks. Each national park presents a unique feature for bird watching, trekking and wild life scenery.

Day 1: A leisurely drive out of Addis along route of the Great Rift Valley system, passing through Debre Zeit, and by the lakes of Koka and Zwai - we will stop at Lake Zwai and head down to the lake shore where huge numbers of water birds are congregated on view from hatching chicks to full grown adults. African Pygmy Geese, Yellow-billed Storks, Collared Pratincoles, Lesser and greater Jacanas, African Jacanas, White Pelicans, Fish Eagles, crowned and common cranes are some of the species to be seen here in impressive numbers then proceed to Langano.
Overnight langano

Day 2:Early start for a scenic Drive to Arba Minch on the way admiring the Wolayta people and their villages On the way, climbing Chencha, the mountainous villages of the Dorze people. Visit the Dorze people, renowned for cotton weavers whose tall beehive-shaped dwelling are among the most distinctive traditional structures to be seen anywhere in Africa. The unique Dorze houses also make Chencha worth a visit. These remarkable extended domes measure up to 6m tall and are constructed entirely from organic material Villages of the Dorze people.
Overnight Arba Minch.

Day 3: Besides the leisure time you will also enjoy a 4x4 game drive experience in to the bush at the Netch Sar Park, sanctuary of the endemic Swayne's hartebeest and zebra. The rest of your day will include boat trip on Lake Chamo, to see hippos and 6-meter-long crocodiles.
NB: currently the road to Netch Sar Park is less accessible and even difficult for the 4wheel drive vehicle. We will update you when the road construction finalized.
Overnight Arba Minch

Day 4: By morning you leave for the town of Awasa then Visit Awassa town, a lakeside town and regional capital for the Southern nation’s nationalities and peoples. After breakfast visit the fish market at Amora gedel. “The amora gedel botanic spot” with the most impressive huge Marabou stork, great white pelicans, hammer cob, African fish eagle see the Awassa Lake, beautiful sunset view over the lake and lots of other birds visit.
Continue drive to Wendo Genet. The rest of your day will include natural hot spring shower and a quick swim in the lovely swimming pools and forest (fantastic for walks) at Wondo Genet. Behind the lodge (now it is hotel) habited a large number of forest birds, including black-headed forest oracle, golden backed woodpecker and rough-wing swallow. Mammals include the Columbus monkey, Anubis baboon and Bushbuck.
Overnight Wondo Genet

Day 5: Drive back Addis Ababa via Wolayita- Sodo road, on the way visit Tiya, Tiya is one of World heritage site in Ethiopia. Here you will see the erected obelisk supposed grave yard area. On the homeward leg of your journey there are exciting stopovers and places of interests to visit.
After having lunch, city tour of Addis Ababa, visit the St George church, the church has nice museum that depicted various photos then proceed to national museum, where you will see “ Lucy fossil” plus painting and tools from the different corner of Ethiopia exhibited and if time allow more places to visit.  Overnight Addis Ababa
Option: This tour could link up with an extended stay in the Southern Ethiopia.

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