Addis Ethiopia Tour is actively involved in the promotion of responsible or sustainable tourism in Ethiopia. We focus on to enjoy the beauty, scenic, and exciting Ethiopia. Our expert multilingual tour guides can make a good adventure holiday into a fantastic and unforgettable one.

World Heritage Sites

Historical evidences have proven that Ethiopia is a country with a history that goes 3000 years back. Like many other aspect of Ethiopia, the history of the country is unique and intriguing. Thus being an ancient country has enabled Ethiopian to accumulate an enormous amount of cultural relics. More over the country is also endowed with a variety of natural resources. Accordingly, Ethiopia stands top in Africa to register 9 world heritage sites under UNESCO. comprising one of the principal mountain massifs of Africa, the Simien

Ethiopian Sport Celebrity Tour

Addis Ethiopia Tour is an Ethiopian based company offering Ethiopian sport celebrity tours.
As the creators of the ‘Ethiopian sport celebrity tours’ we provide the most exclusive comprehensive range of sport celebrity tours, with Haile Gebreselassie, Kennisa Bekele, Milion Wolde from meeting them, having visited their training area, as well as you will be taking part on the Great Ethiopian running race which will be held in November, 2011.

Special Interest Tour

Addis Ethiopia Tours aims to bring the spirit of travel and tours to you through our specialty travel programs - this time ready in sign language. You may choose among our wide range of guided tours, customized tours, and other specialty travel services such as interpretation services. Our dedicated attention on you from your first contact with us until the end of your tour give you the assurance that tour goes exactly the way you want it to. We can guarantee your safety and satisfaction..

Why to Ethiopia?


The joy of traveling is that it can be enjoyed virtually anywhere in the world. Indeed one of the best recommended countries for all breathtaking scenery, rugged but majestic mountains, exotic flora, fauna ( mainly endemic mammals, birds, plants) and pristine cultural diversity maintained by perpetual history is undoubtedly Ethiopia.

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