Year of Establishment: 1966 G.C
Found: in Amhara region 800 km away from Addis Ababa.

Key species: Walia Ibex, Ethiopian Wolf, & Gelada Baboon, Grey duilker, and klipspringer are among the 21species of mammals.
Unique physical feature: Spectacular scenery, gorges and escarpments, just outside the park is Mount Ras Dashen, Ethiopia’s highest peak, 4543 meters above sea level.

General Description: The Simien Mountain massif is a broad plateau, cut off to the north and west by an enormous single crag over 60 kilometers long. To the south, the tableland slopes gently down to 2,200 meters, divided by gorges 1,000 meters deep which can take more than two days to cross. Insufficient geological time has elapsed to smooth the contours of the crags and buttresses of hardened basalt.
Within this spectacular splendor live the Walia (Abyssinian) ibex, Simien red fox and Gelada baboon - all endemic to Ethiopia - as well as the Hamadryas baboon, klipspringer and bushbuck. Birds such as the lammergeyer, augur buzzard, Verreaux's eagle, kestrel and falcon also soar above this mountain retreat.

Visitor facilities: 5 stars Hotel just near to the park gate is available and camping is allowed in the main part of the park.

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